During each calendar year S.V. Subliem strives to offer its members as much future perspective as possible. Currently, this is mainly done by organizing two career events; the Innovation Career Day (ICD) and the Analytics & Innovation Career Fair (AICF). A variety of different organisations are present at these events, from energy giants to promising start-ups. Since every company has a need to innovate, these two events cover many sectors.

Just like the ICD, the Analytics & Innovation Career Fair is an interactive career fair with lunch in combination with workshops, seminars and business cases. However, this event is organized together with SABA, the Business Analytics study association at the VU. This event therefore focuses on innovation sciences, big data and cybersecurity. What makes the AICF special is that the usually creative entrepreneurial students of Science, Business & Innovation are joined up with the “data-driven” students of Business Analytics. Both types of students are indispensable for the digital world we live in today and tomorrow. At the AICF there is also a networking drink afterwards, where participants can get to know each other in a more informal way.

Companies at the AICF