The (pre-)master SBI

For the (pre-)masters

First of all a big welcome to all new (pre-)master students who joined us from others studies. For many of you it isn’t clear what Subliem has to offer to you, so here we will provide you that information. Many think study associations are only for bachelor students, but we are alse here for the masters! Becoming a member for the entirety of your master will cost you €10,50 + €2,50 for a tag, which you can use in the members room at the VU for snacks and drinks. These prices are the same for pre-master students and will also count for your entire master study. To become a member, you can go to Join us.

At Subliem, you will gain access to several career events like the AICF and ICD. Furthermore, there are multiple activities which you can take part in, like barbecues, so called “borrels” and several trips. There is even a commission specially for master students, the MasterCie, in which you can take part to help with the organisation of these activities.


S.A. Subliem is the student association of Science, Business and Innovation. Study associations are there to support students with their studies and to provide social and career driven activities.

As SBI is a reletively small study, Subliem is also pretty small, but therefore very close. Nevertheless, Subliem is very active with well visited activities. By connecting with your fellow students, your study will become more fun and easy.

Master Introduction

For the first time we are organising a 3 day introduction program for the new (pre)master students. These activities will take place in the first week of the academic year on Wednesday the 8th, Thursday the 9th and Friday the 10th of September. During these introduction days you get to know your new fellow students with the help of a variety of activities which take place all around the city centre of Amsterdam. In this way you also get familiar with the fine parts of the city.
The introduction was a great succes! Thanks to all for joining! 

Subliem groups

Subliem groups

Communication and updates

For communication about all events, discussions on courses and questions, Subliem uses several channels to communicate with each other.

There are WhatsApp groups for every study year and an active member group. Next to those we use Facebook, Dropbox, LinkedIn and Instagram to share content about content, courses and events.

Becoming a Member

Becoming a Member

Online or at the book sale

It is now possible to become a member of S.A. Subliem online. With this membership you will get a discount in the VU book store, you will gain access to all events and all other bonusses facilitated by the association.


Useful contacts

Useful contacts

For study and study association

Beneath, there is an overview on useful contacts to get in touch with the staff of SBI and Subliem itself:

Els Kroezinga, Study advisor SBI 
Marlous Blankesteijn,
Master coordinator SBI
Els Kroezinga, Internship coordinator SBI
S.V. Subliem

Meer over Subliem en wat Subliem te bieden heeft

Bedrijven en Carrière

De Analytics & Innovation Career Fair is net zoals de ICD een interactieve carrièrebeurs met lunch in combinatie met workshops, seminars en businesscases

De Ledenkamer

Het Groene Hart van de VU is een plek voor Subliemers en hun behoefden, ontdek meer over de LedenKamer

Het Eerste Jaar SBI

Het Eerste Jaar van SBI zit vol nieuwe ervaringen en nieuwe vakken. Leer meer over het Eerste Jaar van SBI