Vrije universteit

Making the difference @ VU Amsterdam

The Vrije Universiteit (Free University) Amsterdam is a research university in Amsterdam with a broad scope. The university provides education to 22 thousand students and offers over 150 programmes. Studying at VU means broadening perspectives. Beyond the boundaries of your own programme, with an open mind and social awareness. The VU wants to train you to become an academic professional that manages to establish new correlations and is aware of their own predispositions as well as those of others. To do that, first and foremost it’s important that you’re in the right place. Choose your programme carefully. Would you like to come to VU for a day of student shadowing? Email us to sign up!

Why the VU?

Why would you come to the Vrije Universiteit to study? The quality of the studies are a first priority, which is ensured by the appropriate guidance and active feedback on your courses. Aside from studying, campus life at VU also offers a variety of sports and cultural activities, for instance at cultural centre “The Griffin” and the VU Sports Centre. The location is advantageous, with all faculties being situated centrally in the Zuidas business district. Finally, you’ll study in the most beautiful city in the Netherlands which includes a vibrant city centre with lots of culture and activity.

History of the VU

On October 20, 1880 the Vrije Universiteit was founded by Abraham Kuyper as a private university. The university started off with 3 faculties, which has been expanded over time to the current 10. In the 60s of the last century, the VU blossomed into a medium sized university with multiple faculties  and a large student body.