The common room

The green heart of Subliem

The common room, P-004

In the WN-building at the VU campus, Subliem has its own space, situated on the ground floor in room P-004. Here, members gather during breaks, borrels or after lectures.

The common room of Subliem is one of the most important places to SBI students. Subliem has set up three large fridges here where members can purchase cooled fizzy drinks, water and beer. Moreover, cheese melts can be found in the freezer and snacks in the snacks drawer to get your through the day.

The common room is a space where people gather to discuss assignments, unwind after an exam or talk through their creative ideas (start-ups, holidays, study curricula).

The Facilities

  • 5 couches to relax after lectures and exams
  • A counter to get some work done, drink a beer or play a game
  • 3 large fridges with food and drink, or to keep your home-made food
  • 2 freezers
  • Infinite number of sockets
  • Coat rack and boxes to store your belongings during lectures (own risk, but constant supervision)
  • A mobile beer tap that enters during spontaneous drinks or organised borrels.

The Borrels

Once every fortnight on Thursday, the bar is brought inside and the couches go out. The common room turns into a cosy party room (including disco ball & lights) and a capricious music hit list booms out of the speakers. From 17.00 to 23.00, a numerous crowd put their studies on hold and enjoys a chilled beverage. Morning lecture? No problem, you’ll get an early night in. Plans for the night? The borrel is the perfect place to start your night out well (and cheap)!

Beer €1,00
Gin Tonic €3,00
BaCo €2,50
Other Mix €2,50

On the menu

Beer Coke Capri Sun
Fanta Fanta Cassis Iced Tea
Iced Tea Green Chocomel Fristi
Flat Water Sparkling Water
Coke Zero Iced Tea
Kinder Bueno Cheese melt Sultana
Pink icing cake Noodles Bapao
Snickers Twix Mars


Various committees of Subliem regularly organise events in the common room. Examples are pitch nights for up and coming entrepreneurs, borrels, games nights, monthly lunches, Monday borrels and more.

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