SBI Programme

An overview of the Science, Business & Innovation programmes.

During the Bachelor and Master Science, Business and Innovation you learn to look at the world through a scientific, societal and economic lens. This is the result of following courses in science, social science and business administration, all of which are taught in SBI. This multidisciplinary programme is aimed at bridging the gap between science and business. This is put into practice by combining knowledge you gained in science courses and business courses, and applying it in a so-called innovation project. The science curriculum is geared towards sustainable energy and life sciences, as these are two fields in which innovation is extensive and transformational.

The programme offers you a unique mindset that is applicable to practically any company that touches on innovation, or if you want to kickstart your own startup. These skills are also central to the master’s programme. This programme offers two tracks: Energy & Sustainability of Life & Health.

SBI Bachelor

During my bachelor’s SBI I was able to develop myself in many different aspects. Not only is the curriculum very diverse, but there are many opportunities alongside your studies. Colleagues found startups, established companies show interest in SBI students and there are options to study abroad for an internship or an exchange. During the programme you learn that an entrepreneurial attitude brings you far, and this is directly applicable in the two projects you do every year!

Maartje van Asselt

Bsc Science, Business & Innovation

SBI Master

Within the master SBI there are two tracks: the Life Science branch and the direction I picked, Energy Science. The master is reasonably comparable to the bachelor of SBI, which I also finished, but is a little faster paced and more in-depth. Besides, the master is entirely in English to cater to a large number of international students. One great benefit of this two-year master is the possibility to customice a large portion of the ECs with electives of your choice.

Wouter de Bruijn

Msc Science, Business & Innovation

The master SBI offers a large variety of courses, but also offers room to shape your curriculum according to your own interests. As such, I could pursue my personal ambitions and focus on the areas that I was really passionate about. Since the master combines theory and practicem you gain the know-how and experience that you need to further your career.

Arjan Woerdeman

Msc Science, Business & Innovation

Curriculum Science, Business & Innovation Bachelor (click for larger image or follow this link)

Curriculum Science, Business & Innovation Master (click for larger image or follow this link)